WORLD FOREX – partnership programme
Partnership programme of WORLD FOREX – is an innovative programme offering opportunities for additional gains due to trading turnover of affiliated clients. Three-tier partnership programme with a personal rebate service will allow you to build your own business and extend your financial capacities. We offer customized commission schemes, multilingual marketing tools, traffic analysis systems and systems of crediting in several currencies.
How partnership programme of WORLD FOREX works:
We offer a three-tier partnership programme under the most favorable terms of partner compensations for the affiliated clients’ transactions.

Partner compensation depends on:

  • Type of partnership programme
  • Number of affiliated clients
  • Total trading turnover of the affiliate group’s clients

Types of partnership programmes:

  • Partner- agent
  • Affiliate clients via social nets, forums, information resources and get 3 levels of partner compensations and up to 50% from spread.
  • Internet-partner
  • If you are an owner of a website corresponding to the financial subjects, investments or internet-trading – become our partner and make money on affiliating visitors of your resource to the WorldForex Company. This type of Partnership programme provides three-tier programme and higher rates of partner compensation.
    Partner compensation up to 70% from spread
Join WORLD FOREX Partners now! Register a personal cabinet partner account and your Account Manager will contact you to discuss your individual partner needs.