Price stability and great demand for precious metals determines high yield of investment into these assets. Gold trade (XAUUSD) has a range of advantages, such as market stability, high liquidity, possibility for long-term planning. Expenses for concluding spot deals with XAUUSDon Forex is lower than foropening depersonalized metal accounts. There is the possibility to earn on exchange rate fluctuation, which is impossible while investing funds into metal species. Gold is indicator of the world economy system stability.

Silver (XAGUSD) is a worthy alternative if you make a decision to diversify risks, emerging in the process of trade on Forex. Just as gold, silver is popular on Forex because its cost varies due to the macroeconomic and political factors effect, which brings profit to its owners. The world industry plays a considerable role in this metal price determination. Companies dealing with silver recovery as well as its major consumers form demand and supply on the market.

Owning to enhanced technologies in trade and competitive conditions, WORLD FOREX offers 4 precious metals for trade:

  • XAUUSD gold
  • XAGUSD silver
  • XPTUSD platinum
  • XPDUSD palladium