Digital contracts – are, at the moment, the most known instruments for exchange trade. By definition, it is a type of an exchange-traded contract, fundamental terms of which are fall or increase of a financial asset with preconditioned profits or losses.

Trading these high-efficiency instruments brings from 65% to 100% of a financial result from the invested amount, even if the asset base price changes by one point.

Fixed investment amounts grant the possibility to work with fewer risks while trading and much more effectively control own investment profile.

Main advantages:

  • Fixed risks: a trader always ventures only the investment amount.
  • A deal closing moment: a digital contracts is closed without a trader’s participation
  • A deal’s result: price difference in points is not essential, the result is calculatedregarding to the direction of the asset price movement.
  • High liquidity: profitability of one deal is 100% from the amount of investment into the digital contracts.
  • Efficiency: possibility to receive a considerable financial result just in 1 minute.
  • Risk control: the profit margin and risk level are known by a trader from the very beginning when trading Digital contracts, which allows proper distribution of own trading efforts and manage own equity.